About Discount Chasers

But there is something that I´d like to mention. Many people ask me if they could meet me for lower prices. Maybe they didn´t read the informatioon my profile properly, maybe they did, but they want to ask, no matter how rude it is. 

Here is the list of the reasons why they claim they should get a discount. Enjoy ;)

- They are students
- They are eldery
- They will get their salary later
- They are young
- They are handsome
- They are slender
- They take a good care about their hygiene
- They promise they are easy to come
- They promise they are going to treat me well

Vast majority of my customers is not ugly, takes good care about their hygiene and treats me well.
The question is: Why should I give them the discount? I know there are many girls who work for lower prices. I don´t think anything bad about them, they just have a different system of working. They have more customers for lower prices. I am the opposite case. 

I prefer having less customers for a bit higher prices. Why? I have more energy and I can give customers my full attention and take care about them better. Also, I don´t like being stressed out about time. If I had nothing to do and I wanted to make a discount, I would write about that on my blog. 

So it is up to you. You can have better service for a bit higher price (you can check the reviews about me) or you can find someone who does it for less :)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's note: Even though I wrote this article about two years ago, I wouldn't change a single letter of it :)