About Mind Reading

From time to time, I get accused of being passive or submissive. Let me clarify one thing: I'm a sex services and companionship provider. That means that people pay me to give them a nice time. 

The thing is, that the idea of having a nice time means something different for each person. Some people like to talk a lot and have a long foreplay, while other ones mainly want to have sex. Some people love to please me and other ones prefer me to spend all the time pleasing them. Each person likes different things and each person wants it in a different way. 

Visiting an escort isn't like going to a massage, where a masseuse always does more or less the same set of motions, that she applies to every customer. Giving sexual pleasure is far more complex. What works on one person, doesn't necessarily have to work on the other. That's why I let the customers make the first move and show me how they like it, and I somehow expect, that if they want to do something, they'll just do that or ask me if we can do that. 

However, there are still some people, who complain that I'm not enough active or that I'm too quiet, and (the funniest ones) that they wanted hard to do some particular thing and that they're disappointed that we didn't do it. How on the Earth should I know what they want to do, if they don't tell me?!

So please, if you want me to be more active, give me a space to be active and show me what you like, so that I can please you. I want you to have a good time and to give you the best of me. If you want me to talk more, start a conversation. And if you want to do some particular thing, JUST DO IT! ;)