About Prostitution Laws And Their Logic

After a long time I had an urgency to write some really thoughtful blog post. Few days ago, I had a very bad experience with a customer. He didn´t cause me any physical harm, but he was completely out of his mind and he didn´t want to leave. At all. Though I was scared, I was more scared of calling the police. Why? I didn´t do anything bad, but if the owner of the apartment found out, I would have troubles because of the law that prohibits people to rent out the apartments to prostitutes.

If I understand it well, prostitutes should obviously only work in their own apartment if they don´t want to have troubles when something like this happens. But many girls like me just go to work somewhere abroad for few days. Also, I doubt that all the prostitutes who live here have their own apartment to work in. 

No worries, if the prostitutes can´t work in a rented apartment, they still have 2 more options. The first one is doing outcalls. Hotels are ok, but I honestly admire the courage of the prostitutes, who do outcalls to private houses and apartments. I´d be afraid I´d meet some psychopath and got imprisoned in his basement..

Finally, here comes the most crazy option. Walking the streets. Though I´d rather clean toilets than work as a street hooker, I understand there still might be some girls who haven´t yet discovered the magic of the Internet advertisement. But meeting complete strangers in their vehicles must be even more dangerous than meeting them in their apartments. 

I´ve heard that the law about the apartments and the even less popular (and even less logical) law about visiting escort girls were made to avoid street prostitution and pimping, and to protect the prostitutes. So why does it feel like it´s the other way around?


Today's note: After one more year of experiences in the field, I know it's not just a feeling. It's a pure fact.