SMS Etiquette

Dear gentlemen, 

I do not mind sending sms, but sometimes it drives me crazy. Here is an example of a bad sms conversation.

Client: Hi.
Me: Hello, do you want to meet me?
Client: Jes.
Me: At what time and for how long?
Client: 30 min.
Me: ?
Client: Jes.

Would you have patience for that ?!?

So please, when you send me a message, write there at least when and for how long you want to meet me. Telephone is not a chatting room and if ten people write me just "Hi" in one day, it feels like there is something wrong. Thank you :)


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's note: I'd just like to add, that this is the reason why I like to speak with my customers before seeing them. Just imagine a real life conversation with that kind of a person :D